5 Prints From 5 Drawings + One Drawing


A suite of 5 screen print plus one unique original drawing in an edition 25 and 5 artist proofs

Chosen from different style and expressive lines of Farshid Maleki’s drawings, this limited edition portfolio contains 5 Screen print reproductions and one unique original drawing chosen from artist’s drawing journals.

Known for his expressive drawings, Farshid Maleki has drawn almost every single day of his adult life, resulting in hundreds of drawings most of have never been shown in public before. The first step of his collaboration with Rezvan Projects was to classify and reorganise artist’s diverse drawings that Maleki has created during the past 25 years.

For many years, Maleki has gotten used to create handmade journals which he binds personally each year. The unique original drawings chosen for this portfolio are all chosen by the artist himself. Due to the difference paper sizes of each journal’s sheets, each drawing has been placed in a passe-partout for protection. 

Inspired by more than 700 drawings, every reproduction of this portfolio has been  selected from a series created during a different period of artist’s life showcasing different way he uses what he calls “the personality of lines”.