REZVAN PROJECTS is thrilled to invite you to l’asphyxie, a solo exhibition of Thomas Lévy-Lasne at Galerie les fille du Calvair. this exhibition also includes a reproduction of artist’s Bosco drawing, his recent collaboration with Rezvan Projects.

  A former resident of the Villa Medici (Rome), he presents an original collection of paintings and drawings. Patiently – at the speed that painting imposes – the artist makes visible, the cultural habits, if not the disaster, of humankind in its relationship with its environment. Collecting visual evidence of this mutation and the anthropisation of the world, Lévy-Lasne reports a renunciation of the idea of wilderness in favour of the modern project of artificialisation and technological utopia.

“My painting revolves around a calm aestheticisation of reality: a spectacle on a human scale, a confident materialism, a smiling literalism, an attention to the tragedy of existence in tension with an appetite for painting and a joy in rendering the daily treasure that is the world of appearances. However, my realism has stumbled on an aporia during the past few years: I have the unpleasant impression that I fit within a time long threatened by the urgency of our vulnerability. The continuity of our lifestyles in satisfactory conditions seems to me to be a major collective challenge. It then remains to find ways to integrate this vertigo: the Asphyxiation exhibition at the galerie Les filles du calvaire is a first attempt.” – Thomas Lévy-Lasne

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