Founded in 2017 by Iranian artist Saghi Parkhideh, Rezvan projects is an independent contemporary art publisher devoted to produce limited edition prints, multiplies and artist’s books in close collaboration with artists and curators. Rezvan Projects provides artists with the opportunity to produce a variety of limited editions and multiples by embodying and providing techniques that many artists have never known or worked with before. Each project takes stock in the unique editorial vision of Rezvan Projects , as well as the high quality of design and production.

Gratefully using various printing techniques for each project, Rezvan Projects tries to go on a journey with artists helping them discover new techniques and media. This collaboration goes on to launching the final limited edition in a gallery space or a museum.

Based in Tehran, Iran and Lyon, France Rezvan Projects also offers a variety of professional art archive services. These Customized services can help with creating an archive assessment or inventory.

Rezvan Projects takes its name from Rezvan Dezfooli, a translator and a book-lover who in her short life of thirty eight years, translated over 24 books for children while also working for “Soroosh-e Kodakan” children’s magazine. Putting her mark on the founder Saghi Parkhideh, Rezvan Projects is now located at the former house of Rezvan Dezfooli, in the center of Tehran.

In 2019 Rezvan Projects founded Rezvan Collection presenting its collection of limited editions , multiples and rare books.